Posted on Jul 16, 2018

IOMI® International Office Moving Institute

n my last blog, I talked about my vision of saving my moving company from Goliath by inflating airbags inside desk drawers and moving lateral file cabinets, fully loaded, with a crane. One year later, I rolled out my first two patented inventions—Space Gobblers and Spider Crane. How did I do it? How did I invent them? How did I bring them to market?

Here’s the path I followed:

Step 1: I told my wife, friends, and employees about my idea of moving office furniture with the contents remaining inside. Everyone—including my wife—thought I was crazy. They put a negative aura around my idea. Believing them, I tried to erase the concept from my mind. The more I tried, the more obsessed I became with the “boxless move.”
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